Monday, April 25, 2011

Quinoa Bean Burgers - Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday is a great way to introduce your family to vegetarian cuisine.  No, not the tofu-laden vegetarian of the 80's. (Unless it's blended into a chocolate mousse, tofu does not enter our house.  I've tried it every way possible and it's somewhat like eating a bowl of soaking wet packing peanuts--except in the said mousse.) 

I'm too big a fan of pork products to really be a vegetarian, but I also love our earth and in order to not consume as many animal products, we do try to eat at least one or two vegetarian meals a week.

Bean cakes (or burgers) are an easy way to do this and when I found this recipe on the Eating Well website, I realized it fit the CWYG philosophy perfectly and I had everything on The List.  Plus it not only included beans, but quinoa which I love. 

Part of what I want my readers to adopt is the reality that recipes are simply ideas.  They can always be changed and are flexible so use what you have.  I didn't have avocadoes to make the guacamole or any sort of bread product to serve the burgers on but I did have lettuce from my veggie box and I had salsa I had made last week. (Want recipes for easy to make and freezer friendly salsas?)  So we simply had the "burgers" alongside a simple salad and topped with cheese, salsa and plain yogurt--which I regularly use in place of sour cream since we always have it.

By the way, you may want to double this recipe--my kids were totally bummed when they realized there were none left after their initial serving.  Plus they are great to freeze and use for lunches, too.  (Now, I'm wishing I had tripled the recipe...quick lunches...Duh!)  Happy Meatless Monday.

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