Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bruschetta with Smoked Salmon, Preserved Lemon Olive Relish and Horseradish Cream

Though I love cooking for people in the wine industry, it's always intimidating when I have to cook for winemakers.  They typically have very defined palates and have eaten at the finest restaurants.  Therefore, I second guess everything I cook.

On this particular night several weeks ago, I was asked to bring an appetizer to accompany dinner with our friend who is the winemaker for Vitus wines (Highly recommend finding these wines and buying these wines!!).  Without having any idea what he would be serving to drink or eat, I used my normal philosophy...Cook What I've Got.

I looked in my freezer and found a large filet of wild smoked salmon.  I let it thaw slightly and skinned it then flaked.  Upon a look in my fridge I spotted oil cured olives and preserved lemons, then I knew I had tomatoes.  So I created a roughly chopped relish with these and a green onion.  The preserved lemons and olives had the right amount of salt, so I didn't even need to season it much at all.  Feeling the need for a creamy element I whizzed up some cottage cheese, yogurt and horseradish in the food processor.

When it was all said and done, the three elements combined on top of the grilled bread to make a beautiful and delicious appetizer that paired perfect with the pre-release of Rose that our friend served that night.

So, once again, the CWYG philosophy served me well.

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