Thursday, August 11, 2011

My first tomato harvest - Pasta Caprese

It's not much, but it made me proud.  So I made it pasta!

Having just moved to a new home and not being able to cook, I couldn't wait to get to it after days of take-out and ready to grill meats and salads from Fresh n Easy.   Cooking helps me feel settled so even amidst boxes, I had to do it.  So after pulling out the necessities and clearing off the counter, I "cooked".

Summer "cooking" really doesn't involve much.  For this recipe, it was simply a couple of bocconcinis (3" size fresh mozzarella balls) torn into pieces along with these beautiful tomatoes (look for a variety of shapes, sizes and colors), basil and the few green beans which I blanched and removed prior to cooking the pasta.  Tossed together with olive oil, chunky grey salt, freshly ground coarse pepper, and a little sherry vinegar to brighten it up, we had a beautiful and quick dinner.

I have to admit though I did get a picture of the tomatoes readily awaiting the olive oil (notice the brilliant colors) I got distracted and neglected to take pictures of the finished product.  So make it yourself and send me the pictures to see how your finished product turned out!!

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