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Spring Frittata - Asparagus, Chard, Spring Onions

Eggs for dinner are common everywhere in Southern Europe.  Whether it's a Tortilla in Spain, Omelet or Eggs Poached in Red Wine in France or Frittata in Italy.  It seems as though only Americans and Brits consume eggs for the first meal of the day.  And though I tend towards living my life more like a Southern European in most other areas of life, when it comes to Les Oeuf, I lean more American.

Eggs ARE one of nature's perfect foods, though, and if you are a cereal/toast Brekky person then eggs are your perfect lunch or dinner food.

They are also a perfect Cook What You've Got food.  Clean out your fridge, saute the resulting cache of ingredients, add whisked eggs, let them cook through, top off with whatever cheeses are hanging out in your cheese drawer.  A small salad on the side and a chunk of crusty bread and it's Bistro ready!

Sidenote: At our house, my kids get granola for their cereal choice.  Yes, I'm one of THOSE Moms.  When they go to Gigi's house for two weeks in the summer, one of their luxuries is that Gigi buys boxes of cereal.  Even though it's usually a healthy kind, (organic raisin bran is most requested and fought over if you can believe that) my kids think they are in paradise. 

Once a year, though, they get not only boxed cereal, but whatever kind they's Birthday Breakfast Cereal Party!  We watch cartoons, bring the almond milk, box of cereal, bowls and spoons into the living room and enjoy bowl after bowl until the box is empty or we get tired of eating cereal.

LUCKY CHARMS is pretty much the choice across the board (admittedly, mine, too!)

There is one caveat, though, they have to have a healthy protein before they get to eat it!  So what do they request for their healthy protein?  Hold that thought...

With asparagus, chard and spring onions coming weekly in my veggie box, an egg dish is a great way to use them.  It's also a great way to get veggies in my kids first thing in the morning.  Yes, this is what they requested. This frittata.  Though admittedly, they asked for crumbled bacon on top, which being a bacon lover myself, I obliged. And if you've read CWYG for long, you'll know that bacon or some flavorful pigfat makes appearances on Meat-Free Monday at our house. We consider it a flavoring agent. :) But as this happened to be Sunday morning, I didn't feel quite so hypocritical as I do normally.

So, short of that little piggy pitfall, this is a perfect Meat-free Monday entree whether you're eating it for lunch, dinner, brunch or breakfast. (All photos of the frittata are pre-baconization, just in case you were wondering.)

The ingredients:  Eggs, chard, spring onions, asparagus, parmesan and for those inclined...bacon.

Spring Frittata
If you're reading this in any season other than spring, don't go out and buy these ingredients.  Use two cups of whatever veggies are residing in your veggie drawer at the moment and whatever cheese is there can fill in for parmesan. (Although if you're a normal CWYG reader and you have The List, you will probably have it on hand.)

olive oil
5 asparagus spears, tough ends discarded and thinly sliced on the diagonal
1 spring onion, bulb chopped and greens thinly sliced
1-2 chard leaves, thinly sliced (AKA chiffonade)
7 eggs, whisked well
2 oz parmesan cheese shredded (mine was mostly rind so I whirled in in the food processor)
2 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled, totally optional and completely inappropriate if observing Meat-free Monday* ;)

Meal-makers:  Fruit or a simply dressed salad (oil & vinegar or lemon juice), crusty bread

In a hot skillet, drizzle a tablespoon or so of olive oil. Saute all the veggies until slightly softened.  Add the eggs and begin to stir til the eggs begin to form small curds.
(Note:  In a traditional frittata, you would simply slide it into the oven at this point and let it bake or cook it on one side without stirring then do the precarious act of sliding to a plate then flipping it back into the pan.  This being Sunday morning and people were waiting on Lucky Charms, I did this quicker version.)
Once the eggs are mostly cooked through with only a little liquid still remaining, spread them evenly to cover bottom of skillet and sprinkle with cheese.  Cover with a lid for a minute or two for cheese to melt slightly and the eggs to finish cooking.

Cut into wedges and serve. 

*Really, now,  who am I to judge.

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