Monday, September 17, 2012

Pesto Tomato Melts - Meatless Monday Quickie!

A visit to a tomato farm over the weekend (more details and photos to come) yielded about 10 pounds of perfectly balanced sweet, acidic goodness!  So two of my last three meals have centered on this lycopene filled fruit!

For meatless Monday, I thought I'd share this super quickie I threw together for lunch but it would make an equally tasty dinner if you add a salad or fruit.

     In keeping with my CWYG concept, I had homemade pesto on hand from garden basil, and I had gluten free bread from this recipe so this is where I started.

    Toast bread lightly, spread with pesto and top with sliced tomato

    Add a few slices of your favorite melting cheese.  I chose marbled jack since it was readily available in my fridge for school lunches, melts well and is close to what I associate with "melty" cheese sandwiches other than the plastic wrapped American stuff. But feel free to use fresh mozzarella (sprinkle tomatoes and mozz with salt before serving) or any other cheese that you have hanging around.

    Broil but watch closely, it will go from barely melted to burnt quickly!  It's ready when the cheese is melted, bubbly and slightly browned in places.  Eat.  NOW!!

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    1. How is it that I missed this meal? This must have been a CWYG lunch treat.


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