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Food and cooking is my life and yet with no plan when the clocks strikes 5 and the inevitable “What’s for dinner” is uttered, I panic and cooking suddenly isn’t fun, it’s work.  Yet, I hate what processed food and take out has done to our country so I refuse to resort to that.

You know the feeling, too, and I have the answer for you.  
No more panic.  No more fast food.  No more processed food out of a box or the freezer.  You can do this!

Dinner (and even lunches, snacks and breakfast) is ready to prepare when you have the right tools and a cache of ingredients assembled and at the ready.

Using The List, you'll have everything on hand like I do to make meals quickly.  Following my blog, you'll have 2-3 recipes or at least ideas each week using seasonal ingredients and The List ingredients.  Downloading my recipe collections you'll have even more recipes to fill in.  But as my goal is to show you how I use what I have on hand to create meals that are flexible and fresh.  Sometimes they will be inspired recipes, sometimes I will simply tell you what I did with what I had at the moment.

These recipes are created in real time with two boys constantly asking questions, interrupting for checking homework (or fighting) and the phone ringing so you can do them.  They sometimes can be made in 30 minutes sometimes more.  While I don't make a "30 minute meal" promise, they will be simple and you can do some steps ahead. (i.e. chopping three times as many onions as you need because you know you're going to need them other days.)

The recipes in the downloadable collections are set up to encourage you to swap ingredients to use what you have in your own pantry.  Each recipe is a basic one with lots of variations (Now What? section after recipes). 

If you want to know the back story on the real life drama that brought this concept about, read on, but if you just want to know How It Works, click here.

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All photos and recipes may not be used without express permission from Christi Flaherty, owner and creator of Cook What You've Got Concept and blog.
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