About Me

First a wife and mom, then a food ambassador, cooking is as much a part of me as breathing.

Having been told stories about toddling to the fridge to find additional flavoring agents to add to my meal at the ripe old age of 2, I've apparently had a penchant for cooking for a very long time.  At 8, I cooked my first family meal along with my beloved Aunt DJ (a Berkeley grown girl who ended up in conservative Texas) and learned more from her in all of our cooking sessions than from most cookbooks I've read.  At 12, I cooked a somewhat prophetic French meal, not realizing in my middle-school bubble that I would end up going to France and falling in love with the people, food and culture much later in life. Then after an unsuccessful career in the software industry (I hated corporate life) and a successful career selling kitchen tools via cooking classes with The Pampered Chef, I finally decided in 2001 to completely strike out completely on my own in the food industry and I've never looked back.

Teaching cooking classes, preparing meals for busy families, becoming a food writer and photographer as well as the occasional (and dreaded) catering jobs have all become part of my resume.  New York Times Bestselling Cookbook Author will be on there someday, too.  You just watch!  :) 

My basic take on life is that when we take the time to create a meal with real ingredients and share it with other human beings we create community, which in turn brings life to those involved.  To that end, my life revolves around food.  I'm constantly researching food cultures and trends, writing recipes, teaching cooking classes and of course, creating meals for my own family and friends.  Sitting around the table laughing, eating, drinking and talking for hours is my idea of entertainment.

My food philosophy is to use basic techniques and the freshest products (locally grown and/or produced as much as possible) to create meals that evoke a convivial family table. You won't find chemicals and contraptions in my kitchen arsenal, but you will find flavors that will linger on your palate. I use layers of flavors and my 20+ years of practical experience to extract flavor without gadgets or expensive ingredients.  This is what I will pass on to you with this website.  Please browse and enjoy.  Email me to chat and tell me more about what you want to experience with your family around the table.

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