Our Purpose

The Cook What You've Got concept is designed to make creating meals from fresh ingredients a joy rather than a miserable chore. 

We believe:
  1. Sharing home-prepared meals creates community and stability.
  2. Creating meals from fresh ingredients is a very practical way to show love to friends and family as well as to nourish the whole person - body, soul and spirit.
  3. That to maintain a healthy body, we must return to what our great grandparents ate and away from processed, packaged and take-out food.
  4. Organic, sustainable and natural food is a right for everyone not a privilege. 
  5. Where we get our food is Important.
  • Those who lovingly grow and produce our food deserve our respect and support.
  • Knowing where your food originates is vital not just for your personal health, but for the preservation of the land.

Copyright 2012 TablaVie Personal Chef Service

All photos and recipes may not be used without express permission from Christi Flaherty, owner and creator of Cook What You've Got Concept and blog.
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