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We all know that fast food, takeout and processed foods are full of hidden sugars, lots of fats - mostly the artery clogging kind - and an overload of sodium.  We hear it all the time and it only makes those nights that we give in to the temptation instead of cooking from fresh, whole ingredients all the worse because of the guilt felt later on.

But real, everyday life kicks in and without a plan we go into pure survival mode. We, as well as our children, are paying for it with the highest obesity rate of all time as well as the medical community have to assign a new name to an old disease because it occurs in children so frequently now.** 

Cook What You've Got  is a concept that will free you from the many traps that make mealtime miserable instead of the pure joy and community building time it's supposed to be. (See the full CWYG Mission Statement Here.)  For you the traps may be:
  • I hate to cook - Without a plan or when you feel like you have to follow a recipe, cooking is a chore instead of a way to bring joy and nurture those that you love.  It's much easier to pick up something or start with a boxed mix or frozen meal just to get the JOB done.  To keep  How do I accomplish this? 
    • Give you resources to help you get organized. 
    • Provide you with a list of equipment so your kitchen will be ready with the tools you need to enjoy it.
    • Free you to not have to stick to recipes by offering variations and substitutions on recipes.  This allows you to use what's on hand rather than making another trip to the grocery store.
  • I don't have anything to cook - Every recipe I write is from a pre-set List (view and download here) of items to keep in your pantry, fridge and freezer as well as a list of produce for each season*.  You'll always have the ingredients to make several recipes on hand if you keep "The List" ingredients stocked.
  • I don't know what to cook - End "dinnertime block" with several ideas and recipes that I have created using the List:
    • Blog posts several times a week with recipes made primarily from the ingredients on the list as well as produce that's in season.
    • Recipe collections (view and download here) available to give you basic recipes as well as many varations to give you a multitude of ideas and how to use what you've got on hand.
  • I don't have time to cook - With your pantry stocked, many meals can be made in 30 minutes or less.  Pastas, soups, omelets made with fresh vegetables and lean proteins are all easy to create and acutally quicker than sitting in a drive through, waiting for the delivery guy or even picking up and warming a processed meal. 

  • I don't know how to cook - My Recipe Collections offer step-by-step directions to help you and I am always available by email to ask questions.
    *Using seasonal produce allows you to gain the most nutrients at the lowest price, besides the fact that you will helping the environment.  (Find a local farm for a weekly veggie box or farmers market here.)

    **Type 2 Diabetes used to be called Adult-Onset diabetes because of the fact that it only occurred in adults over 45 but now with the overabundance of sugars in our diet children and young adults are being diagnosed with it so the name had to be changed to correspond with this phenomenon.

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    All photos and recipes may not be used without express permission from Christi Flaherty, owner and creator of Cook What You've Got Concept and blog.
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